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Message of Encouragement to Commemorate Site Launch

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Environmental Dispatch 'From Kyoto Prefecture'

The Earth Forum Kyoto(2010-03-26)

The Earth Forum Kyoto invites us to share visions of harmonious life and describe a way to realize our common ideals so that people of every nation may live in a sustainable world alongside all other living things.
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The First Inductees into the Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto(2010-03-26)

The Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto honors the achievements of those who have contributed to conservation of the global environment. The first recipients of this award and the details of the ceremony are as follows:
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Ecolumn (Japanese Text Only)
A column for people with an environmentally conscious lifestyle or who undertake environmental activities in Kyoto.
Kyoto, Books, Eco and Me (Japanese Text Only)
People active in environmental or cultural fields introduce books that promote thinking about the environment.
Bochi-bochi Lifestyle (Japanese Text Only)
Introduction of ecological lifestyle practices through the course of the day.
Learn and Understand Environmental Keywords (Japanese Text Only)
I've heard those keywords but don't understand what they actually mean ...Clear explanations of environmental key words.
Kyoto Calendar (Japanese Text Only)
Calendar of events by corporations, citizens, NPOs and the government related to the environment and culture.
New Pics of Kyoto (Japanese Text Only)
Photo diary on Living in Kyoto today.
From the Staff (Japanese Text Only)
Information about "Bochi-Bochi to Kyoto".